Hand-built in Germany, AER amps are widely considered to be the hallmark of acoustic amplification. Since 1992, the company has used high-quality components, sophisticated circuit technology, and precision craftsmanship to convert their designs into first class sonic solutions for acoustic, electric and bass instruments.   Visit their website

Founded in 2015 by LEP International Co., one of Japan’s premier effects distributors, Animals Pedal is an affordable line of effects that pairs unconventional names and creative, ursine-centric graphics with straightforward functionality, simple layouts, intuitive controls, and arrays of impressive sounds. The brand’s line-up includes a trio of pedals designed by Marc Ahlfs of California’s Skreddy Pedals.  Visit their website

Big Bang Distribution offers a wide variety of drum and percussion products including Ahead, Kasza Cymbals, Rogers snare drums and hardware, and much more. Big Bang is a one-stop-shop for all things related to rhythm! Visit their website

CORDIAL’s product portfolio is very broad – from instrument, microphone and loudspeaker cables to multicore systems and adapters to DMX, MIDI and digital audio cables. These incredibly high-quality products are innovative and do not just follow the latest trends, but often initiate them.  Visit Their Website

The studio monitor is meant to reproduce the entire landscape of the recording (in all 3 dimensions). Fluid prides itself on the importance of speaker imaging – or how the speaker presents a realistic soundstage. When you close your eyes and listen to a pair of Fluid Audio speakers, you’ll be transported to the recording, where you can pinpoint exactly where each musician and instrument is on the “stage”. Visit their website

Gig Gear provides musicians and audio professionals with innovative products to make their lives easier and safer. Touring, live event, theater, film & grip industries as well as musicians, DJ’s, roadies, pro audio techs, A/V techs – everyone needs Gig Gear! Visit their website

Established in 1985, Hiscox Cases Ltd. founder Brynn Hiscox used his engineering background to design a product line that stood up to his exacting requirements. Hiscox delivers consistent quality, service and value for the discerning musician. Visit their website

The Netherlands based Koch Guitar Electronics has been designing, building and innovating guitar amplifiers and cabinets since 1988. The company has a rich history of valve amp design. Visit Their Website

One Control products allow musicians to create unique tones and efficiently access them live. One Control’s main focus is guitar pedal switchers that range from a one-channel true bypass looper all the way to a 10-channel programmable switcher with MIDI capabilities. Pedals are also in the line along with cables and power supplies. Visit Their Website

Rolls Corporation is an innovative audio electronics manufacturer specializing in interface accessories, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources. Visit their website

Amahi Ukuleles manufactures high-quality instruments that are as attractive to the eye as to the ear. Each ukulele starts as a project of how to improve the overall tonal and intonational properties as well as visual appeal and playability. Amahi offers a complete range of ukuleles, from entry level soprano models with decorative designs to beautiful high-end ukuleles for serious musicians.   Visit their website

Audix commenced in 1984 with a mission that remains unchanged: To design, engineer, and manufacture high performing, innovative products that contribute to the advancement of the professional audio industry. Year after year Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value.  Visit their website

Founded in 1924, Celestion produces the world’s most recognized speakers, becoming the “voice of rock & roll”. Innovation in LF and compression drivers places Celestion at the heart of the professional sound reinforcement industry as well, relied upon by the leading manufacturers. Visit their website

The Floyd Rose name is synonymous with innovation, not only in guitar products but in the arena of high-tech headphones. Their breakthrough 3D models are creating a stir among DJs and audiophiles alike, while the earbuds and headphones get high marks.Visit their website

Galaxy Audio, makers of the original Hotspot monitor! Now featuring a host of wireless microphones, SPL meters, monitors and portable sound solutions. Visit their website

Godin’s dedication to quality and ingenuity allowed them to become one of North America’s leading guitar manufacturers. Players enjoy the unique designs, and guitars that are effortless to play. Visit their website

Founded in 1983, Juice Goose was the first company to provide voltage regulation products specifically for the audio industry. Since then the company has developed a reputation for reliability and quality in the field of power management for several commercial markets. Visit Their Website

Miktek is dedicated to the pursuit of superior sound captured through microphones. Inspired by iconic mics of the past, their engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits to capture that elusive, classic sound. Incorporating the latest in audio technology, Miktek designs are used by some of the world’s most acclaimed recording engineers. Visit their website

Outlaw Effects analog pedals feature true bypass switching which keeps your tone transparent. Micro-sized encasings and staggered inputs/outputs mean they occupy minimal pedal board real estate. An ultra-durable aluminum alloy chassis and high quality components make Outlaw Effects ready for the rigors of the road.  Visit their website

For over 40 years, Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality while being accompanied by superior customer service. Ultimate Support stands and accessories are the choice of touring bands, recording artists, and professional venues throughout the world. Visit their website